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We did something pretty cool.

Page Management

Managing social media accounts does far more than just gain more clients through ads. Today, people are more likely to visit a company or organizations social media account, than any other source to learn more information about them. With our help, Shopezcredit received no questions of legitimacy, as we made sure that the content that is published onto their pages was informative, and intentionally catered toward their industry.



The power of the # - With the use of hashtags we were able to get up to 3x more engagement per post. We found that 75% of users followed through with a desired action to visit the website, and to learn about the product/business.



Website Traffic & Applications

- 10% increase in web traffic web over month
- Redirect ads leading people to fill out financing applications.


Ahhh yes, who doesn’t enjoy free stuff? Giveaways are always a good way to attract your audience as well as target those who you think would be interested in what you are offering. Giveaways also provide long term growth for future posts. With the help of a giveaway campaign we were able to:



Higher than normal web traffic 


More post engagement- Increase in link clicks and follower/page likes.


Social Media Ad Campaigns

We decided to team up with a handful of lenders from around the country in order to ensure lending approval for those with a below average credit score. With the help of demographics and geolocation, we were able to engage with users from all over the country who were seeking financing for a variety of product categories.

Successful ad campaigns resulted in:


Impressions per post.


Link clicks increasing financing application submissions.

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