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A business is always developing, so what we offer should too.

At Culture, we aim to improve your brand awareness to grow your business, and achieve your goals. The map we set is not the same for everyone, so why should our processes be? We look at what you need and what we can offer and grow together from there. Take a look at our other services outside of website development and social media that we can offer you.

Logo Design

$50+ per hour

Completely customized design

Unlimited revisions (to be included in project hours)

Transparent backgrounds

100% Ownership Rights

All master files included

Most logos take between 6-20 hours to create

It is vital to have a fresh, consistent and appealing logo. This is needed to compete in today’s marketplace. We can help you if you are looking for Logo Design in Louisville KY. When a customer notices an out of date design, an immediate lack of trust is perceived by the customer. It is common for businesses to see lost profits, missed sales opportunities and unneeded expenditures to build back trust. Culture is here to stay on top of recent design trends, creatively work on new ideas and ensure all digital content is updated properly for the best formats for the computer, mobile device, tv and/or tablet.

Branding Kits

$50+ per hour

Completely customized design

Unlimited revisions (to be included in project hours)

100% Ownership Rights

Branding messages and designs

Most kits take between 6-20 hours to create

We are here to help you create or modify your digital needs. This may include logos, branding, brochures and anything digital. We spend time to understand your business, develop a color pattern and ensure a message is delivered successfully for your target audience and customers. We are a results driven company, and we feel tracking data will be the best way for achievement.

  Web Audit


Web design and UX audit

Lead generation process audit

Content audit

SEO audit

Social media presence audit checklist

Video Animation 

Contact for pricing

3D, 2D, motion graphics, hand drawn illustration, kinetic type, storyboarding, concept art...We've tackled a variety of styles, mediums, and content over the years.


Contact for pricing

A strong website begins with quality content. The words you use will be indexed by google and other search engines. This will begin the placement of your page in the search rankings. Our Louisville SEO Company can take your business to another level, by increasing your visibility and getting the online real estate you deserve. Businesses need organic search results, not only to survive but thrive in the marketplace today.

We will consult with your business in regards to keywords, images, descriptions, HTML coding details and possible video content that may add value.

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